My little Cricket was afraid of the sounds of fireworks and thunder in her middle age, but she went so deaf that in her last years she couldn’t hear them at all. Thankfully, she lost her fear. That may be true of your senior dog as well, but plenty of dogs retain their hearing, and some are scared of what they hear this time of year.

Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day are both coming up. There are some things you can do to make it easier for your senior dog.  I have a fireworks preparation page on my other blog that has tips for keeping dogs as safe and calm as possible. Check it out and make your preparations!

You can access the page below. Feel free to share!

6 Ways to Prepare your Dog for Fireworks Starting TODAY

Summer cheese 2
Summer gets spray cheese with each thunder clap

Fireworks photo credit Christof Berger via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Love the picture of Summer first off. Second, I wish I would have known these practices with two of previous babies. I wonder if anyone had used the counter measures with an older dog that is new to you? I had a stay that we took in (later found the “owner” who didn’t want her, which was great we had fallen in love) but she was 9 already and terrified of fireworks and thunder and lighting (which was difficult since we live in Az ? I also had a Great Dane that became more and more sensitive to these noises as the years went by (he had to be in Mom’s lap). I have a new puppy now that I will try these ideas with. Thank you!!

    1. Even if a dog is older, you have a clean slate if they are new to you. It’s the perfect time to start setting up associations (just saying that for next time). But if they are already scared, there is only so far you can go. Thanks for the nice comment!

  2. Thank you so much, daughter and I were discussing how stressful Fourth of July time is with fireworks, this will be our first 4th of July fireworks without Jimmy as we took him to rainbow bridge Dec, 28th 2016( 12 years old). We said with a chuckle that we would hear other dogs in neighborhood. Take care and stay safe. Barbara

  3. Thank you for the tips. Our senior Otto has extreme storm phobia & in the past was effected by fireworks. I dreaded the 4th last year, but as it turned out he wasn’t very bothered. He is 13-1/2 now so his hearing has declined, which I believe works in our favor for this issue.

    I came across your story of Cricket’s dementia when researching to try and help our boy when he got diagnosed last fall with dementia. It took four long, sleep deprived months of trying different things and adjusting his dose of Anipryl, but we finally saw an improvement. As of today he is pretty much back to where he was prior to the dementia diagnosis. He had also been diagnosed the prior year with Congestive Heart Failure, but again working with our vet found the right combo of meds to get him back on track. We like to say he is on his third life and are so grateful to have been able to keep him with us. He sleeps a lot, but still enjoys playing with toys (just not for as long), short walks, EATING and seeing his special people. I just want to thank you for detailing Cricket’s story for others like us. Your perspective helped us to understand and continue to work to get our special boy back.

    1. You are welcome and thanks so much for your comment. I know it will be heartening to others who are struggling with the sleep problems to know that sometimes there can be a way through it all, and not to give up on meds–sometimes an adjustment can make all the difference. Happy third life to your boy! So glad you still have him and he is enjoying life.

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