Help for Dogs With Dementia—And Their People

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Terrier with dementia standing with head under chair
Eileen Anderson holding rat terrier Cricket with advanced dementia

My name is Eileen Anderson. My dog Cricket was diagnosed with canine cognitive dysfunction, also called dementia or doggie Alzheimer’s, in 2011 at the age of 15. She had been showing signs even before that.

For the rest of her days, I worked to make her life as happy and safe as possible. She lived a good life for two more years.

I created this site and wrote a book to help others whose dogs have dementia. If your dog has dementia, I hope you find out sooner than I did.

What you can find here

My book can help you.

Here’s what people are saying about it.

  • I hope everybody will get a copy of this. Might just be the best thing you ever do to help your clients who have an aging pup. -- Anne Springer. Paws for Praise
  • For anyone dealing with canine cognitive dysfunction this book is a must read! Beautifully written by Eileen Anderson (so you know it's going to be fantastic!).—Denise O'Moore
  • Thank you for writing it. It has helped me so much in dealing with my Bear’s CCD!—Pam Erickson
  • This book is amazing and spot on! Highly recommend anyone battling CCD read it!—Kris Beacom Becker
  • Remember Me is one of the best resources on canine cognitive dysfunction/dementia out there. If you have an older dog and are wondering about canine dementia, this book is a must read.—Blanche Axton
  • I cannot recommend more than enough - it was what brought me to the CCD group, and it helped me to articulate to LewLew’s Vet what I was seeing.—Kelly Mattingly Lewis
  • While always conveying deep compassion and sensitivity for dogs with CCD, Eileen provides a wealth of sound and well-researched advice to owners of dogs with the condition.—Linda Case, author of Dog Smart
  • This is a great book. We are so fortunate to have Eileen Anderson. She makes sense of the science, writes so well and is compassionate about the lives of all our dogs.—Kathy Ewald
  • Once you have read this book, and I recommend you read it now, you'll want to keep it accessible as a reference for when you need it most.—Lori Stevens
  • Once I began reading Remember Me? I knew I had found something special. The book helped me to understand how to give Skye back quality of life. Remember Me? is a must-read for all dog owners.—Pat Wojcik
  • I considered this book to be a combination of an encyclopedia on Canine Cognitive Dysfunction and a journal providing great emotional support in helping my dog, Mona, and me deal with this horrific disease. It is the most comprehensive and helpful publication on CCD. I have recommended it to every owner with a dog suffering from this disease.—MaryAnne Rasmussen, New York City
  • Katherine Howie
    This book is brilliant and well worth a read. Jack was so precious to us and with the help we obtained from this book we managed to keep our best friend happy and content for a further 2yrs. Forever grateful.—Katherine Howie
    Katherine Howie
  • Abigail Hollar
    Addressing decline of a beloved dog can be very painful. "Remember Me?" taught me how to better care for my aging dog, and made the hard decisions I had to make, easier.—Abigail Hollar
    Abigail Hollar
  • Nora
    Eileen's book, Remember Me?, was a huge help to me while caring for my aging Golden Retriever, Molly. Eileen clearly explains about the condition of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction and goes step-by-step with suggestions for helping the owner deal with this to make their senior dog comfortable, while continuing a good quality of life. Her recommendations for changing various things in the environment, the routine, diet, and sleeping, as well as supplements, made a great difference in Molly‘s ability to enjoy life in her final years. I am so grateful to have found Eileen‘s book and blog. I most highly recommend them!—Nora

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