How Vet Behaviorists Help Dogs with Dementia & Their People

Many people don’t know about the existence of veterinary behaviorists, much less how they can help us. I didn’t until I got deep into the dog training world. Vet behaviorists can help dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction and many other problems, and they can help the dogs’ owners a lot as well. Veterinary Behaviorists Are […]

6 Reasons NOT to Give CBD Oil to Your Dog with Dementia

green fluid in six flasks in a row

The plant cannabis, which provides both hemp and marijuana, has a complex chemical makeup. Besides providing many practical products in the hemp form, it contains more than 100 “cannabinoids.” These are psychoactive chemical compounds, i.e., they affect the brain.  A major compound is cannabidiol, or CBD. Some people recommend CBD oil for senior dogs. This […]

Is There Such a Thing As Doggie Alzheimer’s?

elderly woman petting small tri-color rat terrier

Dog owners sometimes refer to their senior dogs as having “doggie Alzheimer’s” but it’s more accurate than most people know. Veterinarians have known about a similar condition, canine cognitive dysfunction, for several decades. A study in 1996 established a relationship between certain behavioral changes in senior dogs with physical brain changes. Some of the behavioral […]