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  1. this site is the only place i have found this unusual behavior mentioned. Puck has been doing this for a few months, but i have been attributing it to the weakness in his back legs.

  2. I notice in some of the video/photos, Cricket keeps her tail tucked under and sometimes likes to prop her bottom against something or have it hanging off the side of her bed. My husky/shepherd has been doing exactly this lately and it started at the same time she started exhibiting signs of dementia, I thought this other behaviour was an indication that she had perhaps injured her back in some way, though. She has had arthritis/weak back legs for a while, so also considered this might simply be getting worse – yet she seems happy to run and jump. The vet couldn’t offer any insight and it was interesting that when I tried pain killers (Tramadol) they didn’t seem to make a difference. She also swims with her bottom hunched under now and her tail curved out of the water. Is this really down to dementia do you think? Did Cricket perhaps have a back end injury? I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out what my dog might have done, worried she’s in pain. It seems such a bizarre dementia symptom. Thank you!

    • Hi Clare,

      Cricket didn’t have an injury but she had “neurological weakness” in her rear legs and back end. My vet checked it regularly because I was worried about pain and the vet said Cricket was not in pain. (This agreed with what I perceived as well.) She was on a low dose of Rimadyl to address general joint pain. I have seen something similar in a lot of dogs with dementia but it’s not an “official” symptom as far as I know. With Cricket and some others it’s like they can’t “keep track” of their back legs. I hope your dog doesn’t have an injury. Good luck with her.

  3. Our dog Suzie is 18, and in the last few months has started doing all the above, except circling. We,ve blocked her off from the dinning room because she gets tangled in the chair legs. She puts her head into corners, then begins to wine. It’s so very upsetting to she her this way, but she still eats good, and enjoys her belly rubbed nightly.

    • Hi Daniel,

      I’m glad Suzie still enjoys her belly rubs and eats well. I used various blockades and baby gates in my house to keep my Cricket safe–otherwise she did exactly the same thing, getting tangled up in chair and table legs. Have you taken Suzie to the vet? There are medications that are helpful for some dogs. Take care.

  4. It hurts me to see my Kona, 16, just starting to go thru these “brain freeze” episodes … They are lasting from 20-30 min every other day now but…it’s not time for her yet, cuz 95% she is eating, barking at my 2 boys, and pushing to be the first one out the door! I wish vets knew more about why they go look to squeeze into small places or behind chairs! I’m glad I have been home to watch and guide & pet her thru these episodes. All of you going thru this just remember my opinion,…it’s not time to say goodbye until they can’t function or walk the other 90% of their life! Good luck to all the old doggies ( and their parents for what’s to come).

    • Bless you. There are many of us here who have been through it. I hope you and Kona have more happy days together.

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